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Circumcision at the Kotel – Brit milah in jerusalem

ברית בכותל ברית בכותל
Brit at the Kotel Brit at the Kotel
ברית בכותל ברית בכותל
אולם שמחה בכותל אולם שמחה בכותל

The day you merit to bring your son into the Covenant of Abraham is a meaningful, happy, emotional, exciting day. Hold your son’s brit milah (circumcision) at the Kotel (Western Wall), opposite Mount Moriah (the Temple Mount), where the story of akeidat Yitzchak (the Binding of Isaac) occurred.

A brit milah in jerusalem at the Kotel plaza, at the place where our forefathers began our nation, is without a doubt the experience of a lifetime and not soon to be forgotten (Kotel Cam – Click).

Simcha Hall in Jerusalem is an event hall overlooking the Western Wall, with a large panoramic window offering a breathtaking and magical view. Turn your son’s brit into an uplifting and emotional event.

After the ceremony, sit with your guests and eat the festive meal – you’ll decide whether it’s meat or milk. Simcha Hall offers a variety of menus, all expertly created by our head chef, so you’ll be able to choose exactly what you like.

Simcha Hall’s unique location enables us to offer you a view of the Kotel and Temple Mount for the entire duration of your event. And when you choose a hall with 20 years of experience hosting meals and circumcisions in Jerusalem – The Old City, you know you’ve found the perfect spot for an event which will remain etched in your memory forever.