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Simcha Hall at the Kotel
Simcha hall at the kotel
Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel
Friday night meal
Simcha Hall at the Kotel
Saturday meal
Bar Mitzvah at the Western Wall
Friday night meal overlooking the Kotel
Friday night dinner overlooking the Kotel
Simcha Hall at the Kotel
Simcha Hall at the Kotel
Finger food at the kotel
Holy Bagel Kotel
Simcha Hall at the Kotel
חתונה בכותל
Wedding at the Kotel
Simcha Hall at the Kotel
Simcha au Kotel
Wedding at the Kotel

Imagine an event venue in Jerusalem, overlooking the most beautiful place in Jewish history. Close your eyes and join us on a magical journey.

Now, land in a hall in Jerusalem. You’re in a room with large windows which offer a panoramic view of the Western Wall plaza.

“Simcha Hall at the Kotel” is the only event hall in Israel which overlooks the Kotel (Western Wall) and the Temple Mount. It’s a peaceful place, and adds meaning to every Jewish celebration.

Here, you’ll be able to celebrate a bar mitzvah at the Kotel, a Torah reading at the Kotel, and holiday meals or Shabbat meals at the Kotel. At Simcha Hall, you can host sheva brachot (the week of post-wedding celebrations) or a brit milah (circumcision) at the Kotel, where our nation began.

If you want a special wedding, hold it opposite the Kotel at Simcha Hall, with the ceremony on our porch overlooking the Kotel plaza. And business presentations, meetings, family events, or anything else, all become more inspiring when held in our hall just opposite the Kotel.

Let yourself dream – and let us make your dream come true.

Located just opposite the most amazing view in the world, Simcha Hall at the Kotel is a venue in Jerusalem where you can celebrate, while receiving all the amenities and services needed for your event.

We provide gourmet cuisine with excellent kashrut supervision, as well as extensive menus.

To ensure your event’s design and décor are inspiring and perfect, we have an event designer who will make your event look exactly how you want it to.

Simcha Hall also offers professional and devoted staff who will ensure you receive professional service and that all the logistics – including shipping and coordinating – go smoothly and easily.

And the best part? You don’t have to worry about any of it.


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