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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kashrut of Simcha Hall’s menus?

Our Dairy Brunch Menu is under the hashgacha of Badatz Eida Haredit (Glatt mehadrin).

All meat menus are prepared by our chef and are glatt mehadrin under the hashgacha of Rabbanut Mehadrin, (The ingredients are all under Badatz Eida Haredit).

If you wish, we can provide specific kashrut requirements (Chabad, Rubin, Beit Yosef, etc.).

What do we do with leftover food?

If you wish, we will pack the leftover food for you to take home. However, if you prefer, we will give it to immigrant soldiers.
Simcha Hall works in cooperation with Heritage House to ensure good food will not be thrown away and will reach the right hands.

How do I reserve the date for my event?

To make sure the date you want will be reserved for you, please fill out our (reservation form) and send us the required advance. After we send your reservation information via email, please read, confirm, and sign the forms, then email them back to us.
After we receive the signed forms, we will send you our bank account details so you can wire the advance. As soon as the advance appears in our bank account, we will send you a receipt and confirmation of the date.
If cancel your reservation, the advance will not be returned.

Which means of payment does Simcha Hall honor?

In general, we prefer a bank transfer in New Israeli Shekels. However, you can also pay in cash or with an Israeli check in shekels.
Simcha Hall also accepts credit cards over the phone, but this will entail an additional charge of 4%.
We honor all credit cards.

When do I pay the balance of the payment for my event?

The balance for the Hall and catering must be paid two weeks before the event. It is not possible to pay on the day of the event or afterwards.

What are the additional costs of an event at Simcha Hall?

The price of an event comprises two main costs: the cost to rent a hall, and the cost of the catering service.
When you rent Simcha Hall, you pay for the cost of the hall, tables, chairs, white chair covers, a video screen, a microphone, and loudspeakers.
The caterer provides the food, tablecloths, dishes, and waiters. This cost is included in the “per person” price of the menu.
For an additional fee, Simcha Hall can also provide flowers, balloons, a professional photographer, and musicians familiar with the Kotel area and Simcha Hall.
For weddings, Simcha hall provides a chupah (wedding canopy) and yichud room (the required last step in a Jewish wedding) for an additional fee.

Can I bring in my own caterer or event designer?

No. Due to the Hall’s unique location near the Kotel, caterer vehicles must arrive via the Kotel plaza, and this requires a special permit.
As a result, all suppliers must be from a specific list of caterers authorized by the Hall, and it is not possible to bring in outside caterers.
Our list of caterers has been carefully chosen based on many years’ experience. They provide high quality meals and are familiar with the special challenges of working in the Kotel (Western Wall) area.

What does the Hall provide and what does the caterer provide?

The price of the Hall includes tables, chairs, white chair covers, a sound system, a plasma screen, loudspeakers, and a microphone.
The caterer (or the Hall, if you choose one of our menus) will set the tables and provide the tablecloths, napkins, utensils, waiters, and food.
If you choose one of Simcha Hall’s menus, you can select the color of the tablecloths and napkins, and as well as how the tables and bar are set up.

What is the deadline for changing the number of guests?

If you have hired the Hall and the catering separately, you must inform us of the final number of guests one week before the event.
If you have chosen one of the menus the Hall provides, you must inform us of the final number of guests two weeks prior to the event.

Is there room for dancing?

For events of up to sixty guests, it is possible to clear an area for dancing. For events with over sixty guests, there is no room for dancing.
The walkway in front of the Hall can be set up to hold tables for children, thus increasing the number of guests.

What are the usual hours for an event?

Our daily schedule is;

Morning hours 9:00am-12:00pm

Noon 12:30-3:30pm

Evening 7:00pm -10:30pm

Shabbat: The Friday night meal is from candle-lighting time until 11:00 p.m.  The Shabbat morning meal is until 2:00 p.m. The Shabbat afternoon meal may continue until the end of Shabbat.

How far in advance can I reserve a date?

We accept reservations up to one year before the date of the event.