Kotel Live Camera

Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel

Simcha au Kotel

Looking to make a bar mitzvah in Israel? Hold your bar mitzvah party at the Kotel, and you can be sure it will be one of the most amazing and uplifting experiences your guests have ever had. We'll host your bar mitzvah and provide you with an event hall and high-quality delectable food...

Shabbat meals at the Kotel

Friday night meal

Finish Shabbat prayers at the Kotel (Western Wall), then walk just half a minute into our hall overlooking the Western Wall plaza. Enjoy delicious food, full service, and an amazing view of the Kotel. And the best part? You pay less than you would to a hotel - but get better everything...

Wedding at the Kotel

חתונה בכותל

If you're getting married in Israel, celebrate your wedding in the Western Wall plaza. At Simcha Hall, we offer the perfect wedding venue in the Kotel area. We'll set up a wedding canopy on our porch, just overlooking the Kotel plaza and the Temple Mount...

Circumcision at the Kotel – Brit milah in jerusalem

ברית בכותל

Mazal tov, it's a boy! You can hold your son's bris in Jerusalem - or even better, you can hold his bris in the Western Wall (Kotel) plaza. Simcha Hall offers a stunning view, gracious service, and delicious food. There's nothing like hosting your son's bris in the Kotel, just opposite Mount Moriah, where our nation was born...

Holiday meals at the Kotel

Simcha Hall at the Kotel

Celebrate Passover (Pesach) at the Kotel, or light Hanukkah candles opposite the Temple Mount and the remains of the holy Temple. Enjoy your Shavuot meals in a hall with a breathtaking view of the Kotel. Simcha Hall offers the perfect Jerusalem venue: Great service, good food, terrific view, and a great location...

Torah reading at the Kotel

Bar Mitzvah in Israel

Celebrate being called to the Torah at the Kotel with a Torah scroll in a comfortable, air-conditioned hall, together with those you love. We'll be happy to host your son's first time reading the Torah, or your pre-wedding gathering, in our elegant hall, with delectable food and an unbeatable view of the Kotel and Temple Mount...

Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel

Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel

Hold your Bat Mitzvah at the Kotel. Enjoy a great service, delectable food, great location, and an unbeatable view of the Kotel and Temple Mount

Bar Mitzvah in Israel


If you're dreaming of celebrating your son's bar mitzvah in Israel, you certainly have a lot of
questions. Planning an event overseas will undoubtedly be even more stressful, right? It
doesn't have to be this way. Your dream bar mitzvah can happen, and planning it can be fun.
But first, you'll have to decide what kind of bar mitzvah you want to host. Let's start..